The Dullahan – Ireland’s Headless Horseman

“Clad in flowing black robes, the Dullahan has no head on his shoulders. He carries it with him in his hand, and because he is endowed with supernatural sight, he will hold the head up high. This allows him to see great distances, even on the darkest night.

But beware watching him pass by. You’ll be punished by either having a bucket of blood thrown in your face or you might be struck blind in one eye. The biggest fear of all, however, is if he stops wherever you are and calls out your name. This will draw out your soul and you’ll no longer be among the living.

Unlike the Banshee, which is known to warn of an imminent death in certain families, the Dullahan does not come to warn. He is a definite harbinger of someone’s demise and there exists no defence against him – except perhaps, an object made of gold. For some reason, the Dullahan has an irrational fear of gold and even a tiny amount may be enough to frighten him off.”

From Irish Culture and Custom

Image from CelticMKE

Special disclaimers appeared on ads for Seed of Chucky

The television spots for Seed of Chucky were required to display the odd disclaimer: “Britney Spears Does Not Appear in This Movie.” Spears’ management worried that the scene which featured a Britney lookalike would convince audiences that she starred in the film, so they required the advertisements to display the disclaimer.


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