Horror Cinema: Hatchet II

As a New Year’s gift to myself, I picked up some new-t0-me horror movies from a secondhand dvd store. One of them was Hatchet II, which I chose because I liked the first Hatchet. I was impressed again by the sequel. The gore was brutal, senseless and violent, making this a perfectly great horror movie for my tastes!
Green, Adam. Hatchet II, Dark Sky Films, 2010.

Horror Cinema: The Thing (1982)

I watched John Carpenter’s The Thing for the first time yesterday. My friend thought it was an appropriate movie for a winter’s night, and I was glad to have someone to watch it with. Oh man, what a captivating film! I’m mostly speechless about it, which means you have to see it for yourself if you haven’t seen it already.


Image from The Thing: Behind the Scenes

Carpenter, John. The Thing, Universal Pictures, 1982.

Horror Cinema: Husk (2011)


I watched Husk today with some friends. I had never heard of it before. It was cheesy, weird and a bit confusing, but its gore and spook moments were satisfying. I particularly liked the raven motif throughout the film, and the make-up and effects were great.


Simmons, Brett. Husk, After Dark Films, 2011.