Queen Anne Hotel, San Francisco

Built in 1980, the Queen Anne Hotel was originally one of the most exclusive girls’ boarding schools in the San Francisco area. The headmistress of the school, Miss Mary Lake, allegedly had an affair with James “Slippery Jim” Fair, the Senator who funded the building of the beautiful Victorian mansion. Mary Lake denied the rumors, but it didn’t do her much good. A local newspaper published an article titled “Cupid and Mr. Fair,” and the nasty rumors of the affair continued circulating until Mary’s death.

Since her death, the Queen Anne Hotel has had many owners, from brothel owners to church caretakers, to mysterious secret societies. With such a curious history, it is no surprise the hotel could be haunted – but by whom?

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Poltergeist Caught on Camera

While searching for poltergeist footage on YoTube, I found these two entertaining clips from a subscriber who claims to have caught evidence of a poltergeist at the house he shared with his Nan. I generally believe in everything, so I enjoyed the two videos, especially the first-year anniversary one with the animated Santa and twinkling Christmas tree lights appearing to answer and comment on the narrator’s questions and prompts to his Nan. I love how Nan is having none of it.

Poltergeist Caught On Cameraflying_ hawlucha – Dec 31, 2018
Poltergeist Caught On Camera * 1 Year Anniversary * flying_ hawlucha – Dec 31, 2019

Hotel Vancouver’s Lady in Red

“The Hotel Vancouver is haunted by a benevolent and elegantly dressed ‘Lady in Red.’ She’s often spotted on the 14th floor, and is also seen in the ground floor lobby near the guest elevator doors. She sometimes passes through elevator doors on those floors and glides along the hallways. Most intriguing is that the 1st and 14th floors are the only ones with elevator doors that lead to a dummy elevator shaft. The ghost has been seen passing through those disused, locked doors.

“The Lady in Red is also encountered in some of the guest rooms. Once, a Japanese family that checked into a room on the 14th floor called the front desk to ask whether their room had been double-booked. They described seeing the Lady in Red in the room, which had caused their confusion.”

14th floor at the Hotel Vancouver

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