Halloween Awkward Family Photos

The Unicorn & The Centaur: And they said it wouldn’t last.
Baggy: “Mom decided to save money on costumes that ‘you only wear once.’ She tied trash bags on my brother, and I and stuffed them with newspaper, smeared brown eye shadow on our faces, and pasted big signs on our chests that said TRASH.”
Mask: If only it were Halloween every day.
Jelly Belly: “When I was little, my mom decided to dress me up as a bag of jelly beans. Looking for cheap costume ideas? This one consisted of a transparent trash bag from under the kitchen sink and some balloons.”

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Scrying Into the Future

Scrying (also called crystal gazing, crystal seeing, seeing, or peeping) is the ancient act of divination for the purpose of clairvoyance. It is usually achieved by concentrating on or staring at an object having a shiny surface until a vision appears.

A formerly widespread tradition held that young women, gazing into a mirror in a darkened room (often on Halloween) could catch a glimpse of their future husband’s face in the mirror or a skull personifying Death, if their fate was to die before they married.

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