Toons From the Crypt

In 1993, the children’s animated series Tiny Toon Adventures spoofed Tales from the Crypt with an episode called “Toons from the Crypt.” Buster Bunny takes on the role of the Crypt Keeper, telling three separate horror stories in the same style of the HBO show. Due to its horror content, the episode wasn’t aired during the cartoon’s initial run on Fox Kids. It wasn’t seen in its entirety until Nickelodeon acquired the rerun rights.

The connection between these two shows doesn’t end here. During the production of Tiny Toon Adventures‘ third season, Buster Bunny voice actor Charlie Adler left the show. Guess who was brought in to replace Adler for the remainder of the series? The Crypt Keeper himself… John Kassir!


True Crime TV: See No Evil

One of my favourite true crime shows is Investigation Discovery’s See No Evil. I like experiencing a true crime narrative through recorded evidence, and this show is always packed with security camera videos, recordings of police interviews, and audio clips like emergency calls or tapped phone calls.

See No Evil on Investigation Discovery

The scariest and most unique aspect of this show is that the crimes happen to very charming, innocent people who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. In most of the cases, because the violence was so random, finding leads outside of the victim’s social circle made it nearly impossible to identify a suspect. But, with the ever-seeing eye of CCTV, police are able to patch together very accurate timelines for the crimes.

See No Evil on Investigation Discovery

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and it makes the terror of the show’s case files that much worse. Could happen to anyone at any time. I find myself hoping to be on camera when I’m in random places. If I’m going to be assaulted, I sure hope the attacker could be identified.