About Sean Zio


Sean Zio’s appreciation for horror began as a pre-teen when he discovered Tales From the CryptHaunt of Fear and Vault of Horror comics at his local corner store. At the same time, at the local videostore next door, the owner let him rent from the horror section without adult supervision. Having been left alone a lot during those years, he had the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in the basics of horror, suspense and gore.

Today, Zio’s favourite pasttime is writing horror stories and playing with the elements of pacing, description and narrative tension to build a fear response in his readers. For a taste of his work, grab a copy of his story “Lost & Found,” wherein an English professor is brought back to life by her scientist husband, only to find out that her child has been murdered and much more has changed in 10 years than she thought possible. “Lost & Found” is available online through Broken Pencil.

The Devil’s Muse is Zio’s tribute to the horror genre, from movies to books to the paranormal.