Turn Your Horror T-shirts Into Wall Art

Do you have a favorite horror t-shirt that is nearing to be too worn-out to wear, or too many cool ones that you barely see them cycle through your wardrobe? How about making them into artwork you can hang on your wall? You should be able to get the supplies at a dollar store (wood-frame canvas[ses], scissors and a stapler, try the hardware section first to see if they have a heavy-duty version).

Full instructions at Instructables: T-shirt Wall Art.

Halloween Décor Ideas

Bloody Candles

For a straightforward, scary piece of Halloween décor, take a red candle and melt it over top of a white one so the red wax runs down like blood.

Cheesecloth Spirits

Glue cheesecloth onto foam mannequin heads (available at wig shops) and hang them from the ceiling. Spook them up with a fan on low speed.

Find many more great Halloween décor ideas at homedit: 20 Super Scary Halloween Decorations.

Paper Cup Ghosts

I love the simplicity of this Halloween craft. All you need are some white paper cups and a black marker, which are easy enough to get at a dollar store. Turn the cups upside down, draw goofy ghost faces and—voilà!

Visit Non-Toy Gifts to learn how to add glowing noses to these spooky cuties.