Horror Cinema: The Blob (1988)

I was reluctant to watch 1988’s The Blob, but a good friend of mine insisted I see it, and he was right to make me watch it. Unlike the campy original from the 1950s, the 1988 version is scary and has some gruesome effects. Highly recommended!

Russell, Chuck. The Blob, TriStar Pictures, 1988.


“Propped, or you might say sitting, on the edge of the bed was — nothing in the round world but a scarecrow! A scarecrow out of the garden, of course, dumped into the deserted room . . . Yes; but here amusement ceased. Have scarecrows bare bony feet? Do their heads loll on to their shoulders? Have they iron collars and links of chain about their necks? Can they get up and move, if never so stiffly, across a floor, with wagging head and arms close at their sides? and shiver?”
– “Rats” by M.R. James, first published in The Collected Ghost Stories of MR James (1931), from Hypnogoria: Chained Ghosts

Horror Cinema Trivia: Ringu (1998)

The effect of Sadako coming out of the well was accomplished with only one simple special effect. The actress who played Sadako, Rie Ino’o—who was a student of the Kabuki theatre, which uses exaggerated motion and jerking movements to emphasize emotion—was heavily involved in the development of the Sadako character. Ino’o was filmed walking backward and the film was run in reverse. The end result is Sadako walking forward with unnatural motions.

From IMDb Trivia: Ringu (1998)