My Mom’s Nun Ghost

I visited my Mom last Sunday for Mother’s Day in her new space. It had a bit of a creepy 1960s time-warp feel, and I asked, “Do you see ghosts in this place?”

“Yes,” she replied. “This room used to be where the nun who answered the convent’s front door would sleep. I see her walk by in her robe.”

I was comforted to know that she’s not alone.

IRELAND-claddagh-women-grey-ladyGhost of 19th century nun appears in Galway photos

Supernatural TV: Ghost Brothers

I found a new paranormal investigation show, Ghost Brothers. I gave it a shot, and loved it. The investigators are funny and likeable. They interact curiously with ghosts, which I like more than the aggressive approach that Zak Bagans takes (though don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Ghost Adventures fan). I also really like this new show because they are exploring African-American ghosts, which allows for more history and story-telling about Black history in America—as well as the mystical cultures of Black communities, like the voodoo at the plantation in their first episode.

I’m definitely going to keep watching this show!

Haunted UK: Roman Soldier Ghosts

With it being the month named after Mars, I decided to look up ghost stories about Roman soldiers. I found the story of a sighting of Roman soldier ghosts in York, Britain. The mix of history and storytelling in the story is fascinating.

Here, a tour guide tells the story of the ghost sighting, which happened back in 1953:

For those who prefer reading, here is a print version of the story: