Corpse-eating Cats

I am working on a story with a cat who is found feasting on a dead body. I’ve always been intrigued by stories of cat owners who are eaten by their pets. When I was a teenager, there was a story in my neighbourhood of an old woman who was foundĀ in her home weeks after she had died, and she had been mostly eaten by her four cats. Such pragmatic creatures.

Visit Body of dead cat lover ‘gnawed and eaten’ by her own pets as she lay undiscovered for weeks for a reported incident of a woman who was found with body parts completely eaten away by her cats.



Bakeneko: Cat Spirits of Japanese Lore

Searching for scary Japanese ghosts, I came across the legend of bakeneko, cats that shape-shift into humans, or near humans. They are tormentors and tricksters.

They appear as a popular monster in kabuki productions, like the one pictured here.
Visit Bakeneko — The Changing Cat on the Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai blog to learn all about this spirit’s origins and some of its stories.

Invocation to Begin

At the start of my new horror fan blog, I invoke the blessing of my familiar, a long-haired black cat named Rainy Storms who was loyal to me for 16 years. We had a loving friendship filled with long, non-verbal conversations. I hope this blog is the beginning of fruitful friendships like hers and that it continues, sparks and inspires conversations on the awesomeness of blood, guts and gore!

Here is a clip of a black cat from space that beats the crap out of a dog and does other wondrous and explosive things. Don’t mess with a black cat!