Horror Cinema: The Bride (1973)

A marriage made in heaven … and a honeymoon in hell!

The Bride, also known as The House That Cried Murder, is a horror tale reminiscent of a Tales From the Crypt story. Told in a dreamy and moody way like only horror movies from the 1970s can, it begins with a betrayal that makes watching the traitors suffer at the hands of the vengeful victim feel like a satisfying, rewarding punishment.

If you like the slower pace of older movies, then this one is for you. I do think that the frights and ending are worth it, while bearing in mind the time and place when it was made.

Watch the film, if you haven’t yet and if I have peaked your interest:

The Bride, also known as The House That Cried Murder (1973) – FULL MOVIE

Pélissié, Jean-Marie. The Bride / The House That Cried Murder, Bryanston Distributing (USA), 1973.

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