Special disclaimers appeared on ads for Seed of Chucky

The television spots for Seed of Chucky were required to display the odd disclaimer: “Britney Spears Does Not Appear in This Movie.” Spears’ management worried that the scene which featured a Britney lookalike would convince audiences that she starred in the film, so they required the advertisements to display the disclaimer.


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Chucky’s Doll Blood Pact?

Did you know that in the original screenplay for Child’s Play, Chucky was the manifestation of Andy’s Rage?
chuckyThe iHorror.com blog explains: “In the original version of the film, Chucky would do Andy’s subconscious bidding. The original idea was to have Good Guy dolls that had latex skin and blood. If the kids ripped the latex skin, they could go out and buy Official Good Guy bandages. Being the lonely kid that he was, Andy would make a blood pact with the doll, and then comes to life whenever he goes to sleep. Chucky would take out anyone Andy saw as an enemy or a threat.”

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