Crosstown Traffic – Ottawa, Canada

If you’re in Ottawa, Canada, Crosstown Traffic has the best collection of horror comics. I picked up these over the past few months:

The Worst of Eerie Publications
The visuals in this collection look gruesome! I bought this one today, and I can’t wait to dig into it!

Weird Love #1
I bought this one while working on a horror story. I wanted the plot to echo the cheesy love triangles of old. Unfortunately, most of the stories were too dated for a 2016 audience, and I dropped the idea. But, the collection was great, and I would recommend it.

Haunted Horror Pre-Code Cover Coloring Book
The title pretty much says it all. I plan on making some scary watercolours with these images. Friends, be prepared for some ghoulish art for your birthdays!

Harvey Horrors Softies – Tomb of Terror (Vol 1)
I loved this collection. Both the visuals and stories were classic horror: ghouls, monsters, the living dead. For a small collection, it packed a strong punch of good comics. I am waiting for more volumes to appear on the shelf at Crosstown.

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