Three-card Tarot Spreads + Significator Card

If you have some time on your hands and a Tarot deck, why not shuffle up the cards and explore? For new readers, I recommend Golden Thread Tarot’s Tarot For Beginners.

An easy and quick Tarot spread is a three-card layout. Biddy Tarot provides a great list of possible three-card layouts at 25 Easy Three Card Tarot Spreads.

My one piece of advice for these and any Tarot readings is to add a “Significator Card” before you shuffle the cards, split the deck in three to your left, and choose them for your spread. Essentially, a Significator Card will tell the cards more about you or the person getting the reading, and I find that the messages tend to be stronger.

To choose a Significator Card, use a COURT CARD from the following list that most matches your eye and hair color. If your eye and hair color combination are not on the list, go with whatever you feel more strongly identifies you: your eye or hair color.

As for which COURT CARD to use, select it based on your age. An adolescent would get a Page; a young adult would get a Knight; and an adult or elder would get a Queen/King.

  • Blonde hair and blue eyes, select a WAND
  • Light brown hair and hazel eyes, select a CUP
  • Dark brown hair and brown eyes, select a SWORD
  • Black hair and very dark eyes, select a PENTACLE

After you have chosen the Significator Card, put it down first face up. Then you lay down the cards for your reading on top it. I usually place it in the middle of the layout. For a three-card layout, that would be under the card in the center.

(Significator Card list from Tarot Revealed by Eden Gray, 1969)

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