Famous Witch: Biddy Early

I’ve been feeling sentimental lately about being Irish, so I looked up a famous Irish witch. I found a lyrical article about Biddy Early, an 18th-century seer and healer. She was exactly the kind of witch I’d be: resourceful, generous and wise. Her magic came from her relationship with the fairies, which is also quite appropriate for me, being a fairy myself. Wink, wink.

I have to admit that it is easy to forget one’s magic when caught up in a world largely made up of unfeeling narcissists. I’m fortunate to have many close, wise and magical friends, but dealing with the day-to-day corporate drones can wear away at one’s soul. Reading up on Biddy Early reminded me that me being Irish means that my blood is full of magic passed down to me from generations of Celts.

Read up on Irish fairy lore and the story of Biddy Early in the article The Story of Biddy Early: Ireland’s Most Famous Witch and Faery Friend.



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