Famous Witch: From the Bible

I love discovering dark things in unexpected places. I found a reference to a witch in the Old Testament. Having been raised Catholic, I never considered I would find a witch in the Bible. Her name is the Witch of Endor, and she called up the ghost of the prophet Samuel for King Saul in Samuel 1, 28: 3-25. The Witchcraft and Witches website describes the story and comments:

The Biblical passages have been subject to much discussion and interpretation as, read literally, they appear to affirm that it is (or at least was) possible for humans to summon the spirits of the blessed dead by magic. Dissatisfied with this interpretation, many medieval glosses suggested that what the witch actually summoned was not the ghost of Samuel, but a demon taking his shape, or that, if Samuel did in fact appear before Saul and the witch, then it was by a sovereign act of God himself. Either way, the passages seem to satirize Saul, the once righteous king who upheld God’s law by his sword, reduced to participating in forbidden rituals.

witch of endor 17th C Flemish
Witch of Endor, 17th Century, Flemish

Haunted House Kid’s Play

I grew up in rural Ottawa, Canada. Our kitchen window faced acres of cows and, in the distance, the Gatineau hills. Feeling isolated out there generally scared me the most. Many times I had planned out how I would escape a home invasion.

A sucker for a thrill, however, I would test my fright limits.

One night I was alone in the house. I turned off all the lights and put on the family’s vinyl record of haunted house noises. I distinctly remember feeling scared not so much by the noises, but of how far I’d have to run to be with another person if I got seriously frightened. I don’t think I lasted more than five minutes listening to it.

What’s funnier is that I experienced actual ghost activity in that country home over the five years I lived there — and they didn’t scare me as much as that experiment did. My imagination can definitely get away from me!


lucifer 15th C

Lucifer (composite devil with many heads) being judged by Christ in majesty, while the saints intercede for him. Livre de la Vigne nostre Seigneur. France, c. 1450-1470

Horror Cinema: The 90s

I’m going to a people’s prom this weekend, and the theme is the 1990s. While picking up a cute vintage dress and black Chuck Taylors for my grunge/Gwen Stefani look, I’ve been reflecting a lot back to the 90s. I couldn’t think of any horror movies from that decade, so I decided to look up a list of the top ones. I had to sort through a ton of useless links until I found this one: 20 Best Horror Movies of the 1990’s on Horror-Movies.ca. It does a good job of featuring the best horror movies that I remember from the 1990s. My favourite is Misery. I wonder which one is yours?

True Crime Podcast: Sword and Scale

I was hanging out with Satan’s Niece this past week, and she was telling me some intriguing true crime stories that she had learned from a podcast called Sword and Scale. I checked it out and listened to a podcast about the background and trial of a murder of a successful executive who was killed by her angry, recently separated husband. The podcast’s mix of narrative told by an expert with sound clips from individuals touched by the crime was well done. I’ll be making a point to listen to more!